Dorset Council: Neil McKeon is delighted to announce that he has recently won an appeal against Dorset Council to erect a 4-house scheme with newly formed access drive and parking provision off Churchill Close in Sturminster Marshall, Wimborne.

Pure Town Planning submitted the application, designed by ARC Architecture for Harlequin Homes, for land severance and erection of 4 family dwellings. The application was refused by the Council on grounds of being detrimental to the character of the area, negatively impacting the amenity of future occupants and being incompatible with its surroundings in terms of layout, visual impact, harm to landscaping and site coverage.

Following a detailed assessment of the reasons for refusal, we advised that the decision should be challenged at the Planning Inspectorate level. Neil submitted a comprehensive appeal statement with additional support from ARC Architecture and Barrell Tree Consultancy.

The Inspector determined that the resulting backland development would deliver consistent plot sizes, amenity and parking provision to avoid any cramped form of development, with restricted views form the streetscene and an attractive building design with minimal landscaping loss to the site. The resulting separation gaps between dwellings and high quality building design ensured against harmful overlooking, safeguarding respective privacy. As such, the character and appearance of the area was preserved – thereby allowing the appeal.

Naturally this was very welcomed news to Harlequin Homes and clearly vindicates the planning merits of the development.

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