Borough of Poole: Pure Town Planning have secured planning permission at appeal for the demolition of a garage/ outbuilding, sever land and erect a detached bungalow on a backland plot on Rosemary Road in Poole.  The dwelling, designed by local architects Empery & Co, is contemporary in architectural style, with a large flat roof and mono-pitch roof design.  Between the proposed and existing dwelling was provision for 4 car parking spaces and a large turning head arrangement.  The Borough of Poole had refused the application alleging harm to the pattern of development, and lack of useable amenity and living conditions for occupiers.

The Planning Inspector agreed with Pure Town Planning in that backland development was not commonplace, but was a recognised and established feature both within Rosemary Road and the wider area.  The Inspector noted that it would generally be in line with no. 84 but its visibility from the road would be considerably limited, so would have little impact to the street scene or character of the area.   In respect of successfully arguing plot sizes, the Planning Inspector agreed that the proposal would result in smaller plot sizes when compared to others along this section of Rosemary Road, it would nevertheless be appropriate for the size of both the proposed dwelling and for the existing property; and moreover, they would be compatible to many others within the wider vicinity.

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