BCP Council (Bournemouth Area): Neil McKeon has recently won an appeal against BPC Council and secured retrospective planning permission for the erection of boundary wall, fencing and gates to a residential property on Alumhurst Road, Bournemouth.

The LPA had refused the previous application due to the harm upon the character and appearance of the Alumhurst Road area due to the siting, height and design. The Highways Authority also objected on grounds of detrimental impact upon both pedestrian and highway safety.

The erected boundary treatment and gated access was constructed to increase screening and privacy from immediate neighbouring properties and from the public footway, as well as improving security for vehicle parking on site. Following the LPA’s refusal, PTP challenged the decision at the Planning Inspectorate level, who subsequently allowed the appeal, much to the client’s delight.

The appeal decision cited the variation in boundary treatments throughout the immediate and wider context, confirming the erected piers, wall, fencing and gated access was not out of keeping with the character and appearance of the area – agreeing with our assessment. More notably, when it came to the highways objections, the Inspector stated “the Council’s objections are based on what appears to me to be a rigid and over-enthusiastic application of dimensional guidelines in circumstances where numerous local examples exist of similar development having taken place without apparent harmful effects. In my view, given a normal level of caution and care when driving and manoeuvring, the development is unlikely to harm either highway or pedestrian safety.”

The Inspector’s assessment of the Council’s interpretation of the adopted Parking SPD will hopefully assist us in future applications in respect to pedestrian and highway impacts.

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