Borough of Poole: Pure Town Planning are pleased to announce another successful planning appeal overturning a Council’s refusal to grant planning consent.  Planning permission had previously been granted for a new dwelling on the site in Parkstone, Poole. Our client had then sought permission  for a minor material amendment to change the approved front elevation in order to retain a first floor balcony which had been erected on the front elevation. The Borough of Poole refused the application on the grounds that the proposed balcony would harm (i) the character and appearance of the area; and (ii) the living conditions of neighbouring occupiers with regard to privacy, noise and disturbance.

The client then instructed Pure Town Planning to appeal the refusal. Following submission of our arguments, the Planning Inspector agreed that the house as built, with the balcony, vastly improved the frontage of the dwelling within the street scene, breaking up a bland and alien feature of the approved dwelling’s facade. The Inspector also reasoned that the use of the balcony will be limited and will cause no harmful overlooking to the immediate neighbours.

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