Appeal win Christchurch two detached garden site
Image courtesy of Anders Roberts Cheer

Christchurch Borough Council:  Pure Town Planning achieved another successful appeal decision last week this time in the Walkford area of Christchurch. Christchurch Borough Council refused planning consent for two new detached dwellings on a site which formed the large rear garden of a dwelling despite fronting a residential cul-de-sac. The Council, under pressure from a lot of objections from local residents, claimed that the garden formed an important open area which contributed to the character of the surroundings and on that basis refused the application.

Pure Town Planning were instructed to appeal the refusal. We successfully persuaded the Planning Inspector that the appeal site could not be considered an important open space and the dwellings, which were designed by Anders Roberts Cheer architects, would “fit in well with the area’s character and appearance”. The Inspector allowed the planning appeal and granted planning permission.

If you are considering challenging a refusal of planning consent then don’t delay speak to Pure Town Planning about your prospects for an appeal.