Shrewton Wiltshire bungalow planning appeal winWiltshire Council: Pure Town Planning was delighted recently to win a planning appeal for one of our developer clients at Shrewton in Wiltshire. Shrewton is an attractive village set in a valley just off the A303 near Stonehenge. The appeal site was a unique plot set on the edge of a steep slope above the village offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. It was a bit of open land left over following the development of a 1980s cul-de-sac of bungalows. Our client’s development proposal was to add another bungalow logically positioned at the end of the row. The contemporary bungalow was designed by Anders Roberts Cheer.

Shrewton Wiltshire bungalow planning appeal win elevation Anders RobertsWiltshire Council had decided that building on this open area would harm the character of the settlement and also would harm the privacy of one neighbouring dwelling. Hence the Council refused the planning application. Our client instructed us to pursue a planning appeal against the decision. On appeal we were able to successfully persuade the Inspector that “the proposed bungalow would not harm the character and appearance of the surrounding area” and “would not unacceptably harm the living conditions of the occupiers of nearby properties, with particular regard to overlooking.” The appeal was allowed and planning permission was duly granted.

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