Borough of Poole Council: Pure Town Planning are pleased to announce another successful appeal win for plot severance and erection of a detached dwelling on land rear of 2 Western Avenue, Branksome Park, Poole.

The application was rigorously debated at Planning Committee in July 2017 and was refused by the Chair’s casting vote on two fronts: The first being the uncharacteristic size of the plot (0.1ha) and its failure to preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the Branksome Park Conservation Area. The second being the impact of tree loss and future pressure to fell trees to enhance amenity levels. Pure Town Planning then brought the application to appeal to challenge the decision.

The proposed dwelling has its own access off Canford Cliffs Road, to the rear of the host property and is not visible from Western Avenue. The Inspector concluded that whilst the plot would be smaller than is characteristic of the road and conservation area (classified in the Conservation Area Character Appraisal & Management Plan as being 0.3ha or larger), the subdivision could be accommodated without undermining the character and appearance of Branksome Park. He also noted that although the proposal included tree removal, the replacement trees and landscaping strategy would ensure the dominant sylvan quality of the conservation area was retained.

The design and positioning of the three bedroom, two storey cantilevered contemporary dwelling has been sensitively tailored to work with the context of the site and maximise light levels and amenity space. The Inspector in allowing the appeal found the design, prepared by David James Architects, to be of high quality and positively contributing to the mix of development in Branksome Park Conservation Area.

The appeal win signifies a successful collaboration between ourselves at Pure Town Planning, David James Architects, Lynne Williams, Treecall Consulting, Richard Coleman & Partners and Elcock Associates. This brings a satisfying conclusion to an extensive application process and thoroughly justifies the merits of the original submission – overcoming multiple challenges in respect of plot sizes, design, amenity and tree constraints, as well as the fundamental impact upon the Branksome Park Conservation Area, to secure the all-important planning permission.

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