It’s a rare thing to see but from time to time we are reminded that our county councils do retain some planning functions including setting planning policy which forms part of the statutory Development Plan. Their Structure Plans, which tied together planning policies across the county, are no more and counties are effectively left with setting planning policies relating to the disposal of waste and the extraction of minerals.

The reminder this time came from Hampshire County Council notifying us that it has submitted the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan to the Secretary of State for Examination. This document has been a long time coming since the Core Strategy was adopted back in 2007. Some of the delay can be put down to a legal challenge to the Core Strategy brought about by Associated British Ports which resulted in some parts being quashed.

There is no opportunity to make any further representations at this stage but the submitted document can be read here. The procedure now is for an appointed Inspector to hold hearings into any remaining objections to the document in the summer – there will be plenty given its importance to those affected by proposed minerals or waste sites whether local residents, landowners or minerals and waste firms. The plan is anticipated to eventually be adopted in the autumn when it will replace the Core Strategy and the remaining policies from earlier documents. The plan will set out policies on waste and minerals (including sites allocated for mineral extraction and landfill) until 2030. Although no doubt in practice it will be revised or replaced much sooner than that.

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