Sandbanks transformationBorough of Poole: Pure Town Planning have just secured planning permission via a minor material amendment application to totally transform an approved dwelling in Sandbanks.

When the applicant secured permission for a new replacement house in Sandbanks you would think he would be over the moon. However, he was not –  he was unhappy with the look of the approved dwelling. When we saw the approved plans we could see why! It was a ‘clumsy’ design, traditional in form but with some rather ugly large flat roofed tiled hung dormers on the front and rear elevations. It was not the ‘Miami-style’ dwelling one would normally associate with Sandbanks.

Clearly there was room for improvement… In stepped Tony Holt Design who created an ultra-contemporary flat-roofed modern mansion which totally transformed the look of the approved scheme (as can be seen from the visual above). The revised proposals were far more akin to the style and glamour of dwellings one would find in this exclusive Sandbanks Peninsula location.

The interesting thing about this proposal was that in order not to incur Community Infrastructure Levy charges we had to keep exactly to the approved footprint (building was already under way). So it really was a case of totally transforming the external envelope of the dwelling.

Pure Town Planning were able to successfully convince Borough of Poole Council that the revised designs were a considerable improvement which would not impact on the character of the locality or amenities of neighbouring residents. The planning consent was issued a week before the 8 week target date, much to the owner’s delight.

If you have recently secured a planning consent and its perhaps not quite what you wanted or your feel the scheme could be improved upon in some way then why not give us a call and let us see if we can make-over your monstrosity!