Developers and landowners – what do you know about the Community Infrastructure Levy (commonly referred to as CIL)?

From those we have spoken to recently the answer seems to be all too often “not enough”. Developers and owners of potential development sites need to be aware of CIL and its implications. Failure to do so could cost you!

Before you do anything else read the new Pure Town Planning Briefing Note on CIL which can be found on our Intelligence page.

Next do you have any sites in Portsmouth? CIL is due to come into effect in the south here first – expected to be on 01 April 2012. Get in touch with Pure Town Planning and we can let you know whether it would be worth your while getting a new planning application or a renewal of an existing planning permission in before that date. The basic rate to be adopted which would apply to all residential schemes is £105 per net additional sqm.

Finally do you have sites, or regularly develop in Poole, Southampton, New Forest District or Havant? The first three authorities are currently consulting on Community Infrastructure Levy charging schedules whilst Havant has just closed its own consultation. The closing dates for the consultations are:

Poole – closed 03 February 2012

Southampton – closed 06 February 2012

New Forest District – 27 February 2012

Havant – closed 20 January 2012

As a guide the proposed figures for open market residential development are:

Poole – £75-£150 per sqm depending on area

Southampton – £105 per sqm

New Forest District – £80 per sqm

Havant – £84 or £105 per sqm depending on area

Sounds a lot? You are right, they are generally working out far higher than typical existing Section 106 contributions. You need to let the Councils know your thoughts and respond to the consultations. Pure Town Planning are happy to make representations on your behalf – contact us to find out more.

If you have any queries at all on how the Community Infrastructure Levy will affect you then please do contact Pure Town Planning.