Charminster success at Bournemouth planning committee
Site of the new bungalow in Charminster

Bournemouth Borough Council: Pure Town Planning is delighted to have assisted in securing a planning consent for the erection of a single bedroom bungalow with associated parking in the Charminster area of Bournemouth. The application involved splitting the existing plot for an additional dwelling fronting the road to the rear, replacing a garage. Whilst Bournemouth Borough Council planning officer’s recommendation was to grant the approval, the application was red carded by a ward councillor on the basis of concerns relating to density, privacy and cumulative impact on neighbouring properties.

At this stage, the applicant contacted us in order to represent them at Bournemouth Planning Committee and to put forth the merits of the application to the planning board. We subsequently analysed the application and the respective concerns of the ward councillor in detail and prepared our deputation to systematically address his concerns. Despite some initial doubts from members of the committee, following our deputation, the council members voted in favour of supporting the application for approval and saw the scheme as an excellent opportunity to increase the potential housing development in a highly sustainable area of Bournemouth.

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