Christchurch Borough Council: Pure Town Planning have recently achieved another success at planning appeal (this is fast becoming a habit). This time the proposal concerned a garden development on a corner plot in Southey Road, Christchurch.

Prior to our involvement Christchurch Borough Council had refused the planning application on the basis of overdevelopment of the site claiming that it would result in a development form which would be at odds with the character and appearance of the area.

Our client asked us to challenge the decision at appeal. Pure Town Planning put together a comprehensive defence of the proposal and the Planning Inspector was fully persuaded that the scheme was acceptable on all counts. In granting planning permission the Inspector stated in his decision:

“Given the above-noted arrangement, the presence of a detached house in this position would not appear out of keeping”

“the resulting separation distances would be well within the range of other building-to-building spacing in the vicinity of this road junction”

“The design of the new house would be consistent with the domestic character of other nearby dwellings, while its scale and proportions would broadly accord with those of next door”

Two years on from the “end of garden grabbing” headlines, appropriate development on garden land is alive and well.

If you have received a recent refusal for your development project, why not give us a call to find out free of charge whether you have a worthwhile case pursuing an appeal.