So are we! But the chances are that it will be 01 October – a favourite date for bringing in this kind of change and three years to the day since the last increase.

Planning fees are increasing by 15%. Here’s a question: has the cost of delivering the planning service increased by 15% since October 2009? How many planning officers have seen their pay increased by that much over the last three years (that’s 4.77% per annum in case you’re wondering)?

Anyway I digress – the main thing is that anyone with an application in the pipeline and hoping to beat the rise gets on with it now! The date the fee is applied will be the date of the application being received valid so to be sure of being ahead of the date you will want to get the application in very early. Many authorities are very slow in registering applications at the moment and it is all too easy for them to find that minor discrepancy on the plans or request some additional document which would delay validation…

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