NFDC committee 1 planning consultants new forest
Above: bungalow remodel in Barton on Sea

New Forest District Council: Pure Town Planning is delighted to have assisted in securing two separate planning consents for our clients at New Forest District Council this week. The first application was for an innovative and modern remodel and alteration of an aging bungalow in Barton Court Avenue, Barton-on-Sea. The remodel included significant hipped to gable roof alterations in order to create spacious first floor accommodation as well as ceiling high glazing and rear balcony space. Whilst the council’s planning officer was in favour of the development, the application was ‘called in’ to Planning Committee because of an objection from the neighbouring properties and New Milton Town Council who considered the proposal would create a detrimental impact upon the privacy and amenity of the neighbouring dwellings.

At this stage, the applicant contacted Pure Town Planning to represent them at Planning Committee and to put forth the merits of the application to the board members. We subsequently analysed the application and the collective concerns of the New Milton Town Council and neighbouring residents in great detail and prepared our deputation to systematically address the respective concerns of all parties. Following our deputation and subsequent lengthy debate, committee members were finally satisfied that all measures had been taken to ensure that the proposal respected both the Barton Court Avenue streetscene and the amenity of neighbouring properties and the application was approved.

NFDC committee 2 planning consultants ringwood
Above: new infill house in Ringwood – images courtesy of Anders Roberts Cheer

On the same day, we also represented another client, whose application for plot severance and erection of a detached dwelling at Old Barn Close in Ringwood was also brought before the Planning Committee at the behest of Ringwood Town Council. The Town Council objected to the development on the grounds of overdevelopment of the site and creating a detrimental impact upon the Old Barn Close streetscene. Once again, after rigorous analysis of the application and the objections of Ringwood Town Council, we delivered our deputation to the board members which resulted in a unanimous decision to grant the approval.

Pure Town Planning were instructed at the end of the process to secure the all-important planning permission for our respective clients. We are finding that demand is growing for our ‘Planning Committee deputation service’, as a number of architects and clients have seen the benefit that having a professional planning consultancy presenting a comprehensive argument to Planning Committee can bring. If you have an application going to committee and feel you would benefit from someone experienced addressing the committee members on your behalf, then give Pure Town Planning a call on 01202 585524 and let us get your application over the line.