The hearing into the Borough of Poole proposed Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedule has now been closed. It sat on 13 June but the Inspector adjourned it to allow the Council to respond to evidence by Sainsbury’s challenging the proposed levy imposed on supermarkets above 3000 sqm. Poole responded by simply removing that requirement – all retail developments will now pay the same – zero.

So now the Inspector can go away and report – the agreed date for receipt of the Report is apparently 17 August 2012. I am not aware that any Inspector has thrown out a draft CIL charging schedule as yet so I think the chances are this will go through without further delay or alteration. If so then Poole could be looking to start charging as early as Autumn – it seems traditional now for CIL to start on the first of a month so 01 October or 01 November would appear to be the likely candidates.

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