Lilliput family housesBorough of Poole: Pure Town Planning have recently secured planning permission for two family dwellings in Lilliput, Poole.

The main issues that we successfully overcame on this application were; the proposed plot severance (arrangement) and the scale, mass and design of the houses and their impact on the area, the impact on privacy of adjoining neighbours and the impact on important protected trees on the site.

Pure Town Planning convinced the Borough of Poole‘s planning officer relatively early on in the process that the plot was capable of accommodating two dwellings. We demonstrated that the two dwellings would be on a building line similar to the neighbouring properties and as such would be in keeping with the general character of the road. The dwellings were individually designed with one having a pitched roof to be constructed in brick and the other dwelling  slightly larger and rendered with a front roof terrace to take full advantage of sea views. We persuaded the Council that given the variety of building styles in the locality these properties would not cause any harm to the established character.

From the start we knew that impact on protected trees could be a potential stumbling block but through constant liaison and negotiation with the tree officer, Pure Town Planning were able to secure the removal of a protected tree (which needed to come out to facilitate the development) by offering a replacement semi mature tree in a more preferable location and which would have a better amenity value to the locality.

The timing of the approval again was critical – it needed to be approved before Christmas in order to avoid the Community Infrastructure Levy which came into effect in Poole on 03 January.

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