Some Local Authorities do get up tight about parking in new development. Hence you get New Forest District Council with an adopted SPD “The Provision of Car Parking Space in Residential Development (outside the New Forest National Park)” (so important it was adopted over 18 months ahead of the Core Strategy!) and already they are consulting on the replacement document.

New Forest District Council has published a draft of the revised Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) document for a period of public consultation. The draft SPD outlines the recommended provision of cycle and vehicle parking for all new developments. It also identifies thresholds for travel plans and transport assessments. To be fair to the Council there is really nothing new here – really it simply consolidates the existing residential SPD with the county standards for non-residential development. For residential development the District Council takes the approach of a “recommended average provision” which basically is actually a required provision (unless there are special circumstances).

If you really must comment on this then you have until 05 August.