After no doubt looking across the county border at the Dorset Heathlands mitigation charge raking in the developer’s cash, the New Forest National Park Authority has decided to introduce something similar. They are currently consulting on a draft Development Standards Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which aims to provide more detailed guidance on several aspects of the adopted Core Strategy. At the end of this document they sneak in a proposed £1,250 mitigation charge on new residential units (net) within 400m of the New Forest SPA . This would cover much of the potential developable areas in the National Park (i.e. much of the defined New Forest Villages of Ashurst, Brokenhurst, Lyndhurst and Sway). No properly costed mitigation plan has been included so it is difficult to conclude that this has been anything other than plucked out of the air. No doubt we will find out in due course!

The draft SPD also includes: standards for car parking and open space in relation to new development;  guidance on compliance with the Authority’s sustainable construction standards (currently Code for Sustainable Homes level 4 until April 2016 when it jumps to level 6) and additional guidance on the Authority’s affordable housing requirements.

The consultation only runs until this Friday so get your comments in quick!