…waste your time filling in pointless surveys – depends on your point of view.

Got a bit of time on your hands over the next couple of days and bored of the Olympics already? Then why not spend a few minutes completing the latest consultation from Fareham Borough Council on the proposed New Community North of Fareham (surely a better name would help capture people’s interest)?

Anyway the Council have drawn up four different Masterplan options and have identified the positive and negative points of each. They want to know if everyone else agrees. They also want you to vote on the potential location for a district centre, secondary school and massive overblown work of art to lure random passers by off the M27. Ok I made that last one up – fortunately nobody has proposed one of those yet.

You can complete the online survey here but only have until tomorrow (Tuesday 31 July).

Fareham Borough Council will then develop a first draft of the Area Action Plan (Preferred Options Draft) to be published for formal consultation in the winter.