Our guide to developing in East Dorset

East Dorset covers the rural east of the county and the periphery of the south east Dorset conurbation which accounts for all its main settlements: Wimborne Minster, Ferndown, Corfe Mullen, West Moors, Verwood, St Leonards and St Ives.




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Key points about developing in East Dorset

Development Plan: East Dorset adopted a Joint Core Strategy (with Christchurch Borough Council) at the end of April 2014.

Pre-application advice: Hold on! East Dorset still not charging for pre-application advice? Call us for advice on whether this service is worthwhile in your case.

Affordable Housing: The national affordable housing threshold of 10 units (or 1000 sqm) is applied. Above this affordable housing will be sought on all schemes at a rate of 50% for “greenfield” sites and 40% elsewhere.

Community Infrastructure Levy

East Dorset have adopted CIL and are charging at the following rates:

  • Residential (10 units or fewer and less than 1000 sqm floorspace):  £150 per sqm
  • Residential (more than 10 units or more than 1000 sqm floorspace): £70 per sqm
  • Extra care housing and care homes: £40 per sqm
  • Convenience retail: £110 per sqm

All other development types are zero rated.

Section 106 contributions:

In addition to CIL there is a Dorset Heathlands SAMM tariff when within 5km of a heathland site – £242 for a flat and £355 for a house plus £50 admin

Special policy restrictions:

A few areas of the District are within 400m of heathlands sites and there no additional residential units are allowed.

Not content with Conservation Areas, East Dorset have (rather pointlessly) designated a whole load of “Special Character Areas”. These areas are not good enough for a Conservation Area (many are 1960s/70s low density suburbs), but the Council are seeking to curtail development anyway.

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