Planning Inspector Geoff Salter BA MRTPI has issued his report on the examination into Bournemouth Borough Council’s proposed Core Strategy. The conclusion is that subject to the inclusion of the (previously notified and consulted upon) “main modifications” the Core Strategy is ‘sound’.

Bournemouth Borough Council can now go ahead and adopt the modified Core Strategy.  It is intended to report the Inspector’s findings to Cabinet on the 17 October with a recommendation to adopt the plan at Council on the 30 October. At this stage there would seem no reason why the Council will not adopt the Core Strategy on the 30 October 2012. What is noteworthy about this date is that any planning appliciatons not already submitted and in the system will now be most likely to be determined under the new policies.

We still await the Inspector’s report on the Town Centre Area Action Plan.

Over the coming weeks we will try and write a bit more about the implications of the impending Core Strategy – perhaps with a Briefing Note. For now however if you have any concerns as to how this might affect your land or proposals then please give Pure Town Planning a call.