Here we go again! Another Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) consultation – this time a second round from Havant Borough Council. Obviously keen to get the money rolling in, Havant have gone from the preliminary draft consultation to the proposed final draft in just six weeks. If only all areas of planning policy worked this quickly we might get somewhere!

Unsurprising given this turnaround the proposed CIL rates have not been altered so those proposed are (all £ per sqm):

Residential (one dwelling or more)

Emsworth and Hayling Island – £105

Rest of Borough – £84

Hotel – £84

Industrial – Nil

Offices – Nil


Town centre – Nil

Edge/out of centre > 280 sq m  – £84

Out of centre < 280 sq m – £42

Community Uses – Nil

The consultation runs until 5pm on 5th April 2012. I think that at this stage it is highly likely that these will be the rates eventually adopted – it seems no one has much appetite for challenging LPAs on these. It would be difficult (and costly) to put together evidence to counter the LPA’s own evidence base. The Examination is programmed for the summer so we can expect charging to begin any time from September onwards. Bear in mind that CIL will be charged for all applications approved on or after the starting date.

The upshot of all this is that developers and landowners with potential sites without planning permission in Havant need to investigate now whether or not they will be worse off under the proposed CIL regime than the present one. That way if necessary there will be time to get an application through (and perhaps even an appeal if you’re quick)  before the new charge is applied.

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