Planning fees increaseHampshire: The somewhat breathtaking news that Hart District Council are intending to charge £800 per square metre Community Infrastructure Levy (Yes! Eight hundred not a typo) in some areas, reminded me that various CIL updates need reporting.

Fareham: First up has to be Fareham Borough Council who have adopted CIL and began charging as of the first of this month. Well done to them. The figures are:

Residential: £105 per sqm; Care homes: £60 per sqm; Hotels: £35 per sqm; Retail (except town centre comparison shops) £120 per sqm

Everything else: nil

Havant: Hot on their heels Havant Borough Council have adopted CIL and will be charging as of 01 August 2013. Its figures are:

Residential: Emsworth and Hayling Island £100 per sqm, elsewhere £80 per sqm

Retail: Out of centre over 280 sqm £80 per sqm, out of centre under 280 sqm £40 per sqm, town centre nil

Everything else: nil

Winchester: Our friends at Winchester City Council have progressed to the second round consultation stage (the last stage before submission for examination). The consultation is open to midday on 24 May. The proposed figures are now:

Residential: Zone 1 (the strategic allocations which will contribute separately): nil; Zone 2 (Winchester settlement boundary) £120 per sqm; Zone 3 (everywhere else outside the National Park) £80 per sqm

Hotel: £70 per sqm

Retail: (all Winchester town centre shops plus convenience stores, supermarkets and retail warehouses elsewhere only) £120 per sqm

Everything else (including other retail types): nil

Southampton: The word on the street is that Southampton City Council’s charging schedule has just been approved by the Planning Inspector. If so the forthcoming charge will be: Residential £90 per sqm; Retail (all) £43 per sqm; Everything else: nil.

New Forest (outside National Park): The New Forest District Council examination seems to be delayed again. The Council remains hopeful adoption and charging by autumn.

Hart District: Finally Hart District Council has published its preliminary draft Charging Schedule (round 1 of 2 consultations) for consultation until 14 June. Are you sitting down? The figures are:

Residential: Area 1 (rural): £800 per sqm; Area 2 (rural settlements) £525 per sqm; Area 3 (Fleet, Elvetham Heath and Church Crookham) £375 per sqm; Area 4 (Hook) £225 per sqm; Area 5 (Yateley) £75 per sqm; Area 6 (Blackwater) nil

Residential institutions: Areas 1 and 2: £275 per sqm; Area 3: £75 per sqm; Elsewhere nil

Retail (only supermarkets, out-of-centre comparison and retail warehouses) £100 per sqm

Everything else: nil


Finally it has been confirmed that Councils will have a further year to get their CIL arrangements in place before the opportunity to continue pooling standardized Section 106 contributions is ended – this will now be in April 2015.

And that really is the latest news in Hampshire – any queries on CIL do give us a call.