Bournemouth Town HallBournemouth Borough Council: Well it’s taken a them while but finally Bournemouth Borough Council today publishes its preliminary draft Community Infrastructure Levy charging schedule. Fortunately it looks like it’s good news folks!

Just quickly if you need a refresher on the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) then check out our briefing note here. The race is on for Bournemouth to adopt the CIL charges before April 2015 when they will no longer be able to charge standardised Section 106 contributions (except affordable housing).

The proposed rates are:

  • Residential development in the Town Centre AAP area (shown on the plan below): ZERO
  • Residential development outside the Town Centre AAP area: £70 per square metre
  • Student accommodation: £50 per sqm
  • Comparison Retail outside the Town Centre AAP area:  £400 per sqm
  • Convenience Retail inside the Town Centre AAP area:  £400 per sqm
  • Convenience Retail outside the Town Centre AAP area:  £400 per sqm
  • Everything else zero.

Planning consultant Bournemouth Community Infrastructure Levy proposal town centre AAP

Ok not great news for new shops but this seems pretty good news for residential – I would estimate that the majority of developments will be paying lower rates than the present S106 regime (i.e. the Open Space, Heathlands and Transport charges). Obviously in the town centre very much lower!

The consultation is now open from today until 15 September and more details can be found here.

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