Havant Borough Council and Fareham Borough Council look set to become the next authorities in the area to begin charging the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), joining their neighbour Portsmouth City Council and the Borough of Poole.

Havant officesThe Inspector’s report into the Havant Borough Council proposed CIL charging schedule was issued in November and it was found sound. Havant plans to adopt the schedule in February but does not yet have a firm date in mind to begin charging.





The approved Havant charges are:

Residential: Emsworth and Hayling Island £100 per sqm, elsewhere £80 per sqm

Retail: Out of centre over 280 sqm £80 per sqm, out of centre under 280 sqm £40 per sqm, town centre nil

Everything else: nil

Fareham Offices

Just before Christmas, Planning Inspector Jill Kingaby issued her examination report into Fareham’s proposed CIL charging schedule and again it was found to be sound. The Council can now go ahead and adopt the schedule and select a date to commence charging. At present Fareham simply states that charging is likely to commence in spring of this year. At the very earliest this would probably be the first of March. There would only just be enough time to get (non-major) applications in and through the system before then (and don’t forget the CIL will apply to replacement dwellings and extensions where there is a net increase of 100 sqm or more).

As a quick reminder the proposed charges are:

Residential: £105 per sqm

Care homes: £60 per sqm

Hotels: £35 per sqm

Retail (except town centre comparison shops) £120 per sqm

Everything else: nil

If you want to know whether you would be advised to hurry something through or wait for the CIL give us a call.