Fareham Borough Council hot on the heels of its neighbours in Portsmouth and Havant has published a preliminary draft Community Infrastructure Levy charging schedule. It is inviting comments on the Charging Schedule over a six-week period until 5pm on Monday 30 April 2012.





Cutting straight to the chase, the proposed Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) rates are (all £ per sqm):

Residential – £105

Care homes – £105

Hotels – £35


Comparison retail in designated centres – Nil

All Other Retail – £120

Everything else (including offices, warehouses, leisure, education) –   Nil

No great surprises here. The rates are very much in line with what most LPAs are charging – stinging the residential developers and the supermarkets and letting almost everyone else off the hook. Is it reasonable? Does it affect viability? You need to let the Council know!

The Council are currently anticipating adopting the charge in December. Prospective developers in Fareham may wish to consider whether it is worth pushing through proposals early before the new charge comes into effect.

Call us if you have any queries or if you wish us to check whether your development proposal would be worse off under CIL.