Eastleigh Borough Council Planning CIL consultation
Say what you like about Eastleigh but they do produce a nice looking cover every time…

Eastleigh Borough Council: The kids down at Eastleigh Borough Council, sandwiched between the CIL high fliers at Southampton City and Fareham Borough and the up-and-coming Winchester City, have gamely thrown themselves back into the ring with a strong second round consultation on a Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule (available here consultation until 24 March). So what has changed since its initial showing in October? Have they been forced to shave off a pound here or there? Well no, in fact nothing has changed. Not a jot.

So with a sense of de-ja-vu here is what is proposed: there are three zones: Zone A – Eastleigh Town Centre, Zone B: Strategic Sites (i.e. major housing allocations) and Zone C: everywhere else where they are proposing to charge:

Zone A: Nothing. At all. Not even residential.

Zone B: £120 per sqm for supermarkets; £60 per sqm for hotels and nothing for anything else. Residential schemes will pay for their infrastructure through specific agreement.

Zone C: £120 per sqm for supermarkets; £60 per sqm for hotels and £75 per sqm residential (including sheltered accommodation).

Oh yes and guess what? Eastleigh is consulting again on its Local Plan, but hey what’s new there? This one is available here and again consultation is open until 24 March 2014.

Where will it all end? Why not contact us to find out if we know?