Gosport Borough Council is inviting landowners and their agents, developers and other interested parties to put forward sites, which may be suitable for development in the Borough. It is looking to allocate sites suitable for new residential or commercial development in its emerging “Gosport Borough Local Plan 2011-2029” – actually its Core Strategy. The only requirement is that sites are over 0.2 hectares (just over half an acre).

Gosport is only a small borough so there can’t be too many possible sites to choose from. So do you have an under-performing commercial premises, industrial unit, pub or hotel? Perhaps just a house with large garden? Or even a greenfield site (are there any in Gosport)? Now is the time to put it forward for consideration – you have until 30 March.

Pure Town Planning are always happy to look at potential development sites in any local authority and give an initial assessment as to whether there is any potential  now or as a future allocation. At some stage all local authorities need to seek out new sites to put housing or employment development. The imminent National Planning Policy Framework may well incentivise local authorities to make sure they have sufficient up-to-date land allocated otherwise the presumption in favour of Sustainable Development (assuming it stays in there) may result in the control being taken out of their hands. So many authorities could be making rapid progress on allocations in the coming year. Call us for a free consultation to discuss your land.