Chris Miell town planning consultant DorsetEngland: Would you like to significantly reduce the cost of your planning obligations on a consent that you have not started work on? If the answer is yes, then get in touch with Pure Town Planning. As set out in our Briefing Note available here, under the amended National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG) Councils are no longer permitted to charge many planning obligations on residential developments of 10 units and under (subject to the development being less than 1000 sqm). Providing you have not implemented your consent existing legal agreements can be renegotiated.

Our planning consultant Chris Miell recently renegotiated an agreement with Bournemouth Borough Council that related to a planning permission for one new dwellinghouse. The original planning obligations totalled nearly £20,000 and Chris successfully renegotiated the agreement with the Council and the planning obligations now payable in association with the development are less than £1000! This 95% reduction has significantly improved our client’s investment.

If you have a consent for a residential development of not more than 10 units granted before December 2014 and  yet to be started then get in touch with Pure Town Planning today to find out if we can reduce your planning obligations!