christchurch-east-dorset-planning-consultants-dorsetChristchurch Borough Council and East Dorset District Council: The final few authorities are getting their acts together and adopting the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). These two Council’s recently adopted their CIL charging schedule and have announced that charging will commence on 03 January 2017. This means that CIL will be applied to any planning applications approved on or after that date – including any applications in the system at the time. Whilst this unlikely to affect live applications, it could potentially affect appeals recently or about to be lodged or other proposals in the pipeline.

The relevant rates to be applied (across both Council areas) are:

  • Residential (10 units or fewer and less than 1000 sqm floorspace):  £150 per sqm
  • Residential (more than 10 units or more than 1000 sqm floorspace): £70 per sqm
  • Extra care housing and care homes: £40 per sqm
  • Convenience retail: £110 per sqm

All other development types are zero rated.

If you have any queries about how any of this affects you, why not give Pure Town Planning a call.