Won on appeal: substantial two storey extension in Bournemouth conservation area

Bournemouth Borough Council: Our very first appeal decision at Pure Town Planning and it was allowed (that’s a win)! The proposal was for a two storey extension in a Bournemouth Conservation Area. The Council said it would harm the spacious character of the Conservation Area and that two parking spaces […]

Dorset Heathlands – new consultation, old document

Anyone who has been developing in the eastern half of Dorset area over the last few years will be all too familiar with the ramifications of the Dorset Heathlands on new residential development in the area. The Dorset Heathlands comprise hundreds of fragmented heathland remnants which are internationally designated habitats […]

Bournemouth Borough Council adopts new Affordable Housing guidance

Seeking planning permission for any new residential units in Bournemouth? You need to consider the Council’s policy requiring a contribution towards Affordable Housing on each and every new unit – unless it can be shown that such a contribution would render the development unviable. Earlier this month Bournemouth quietly adopted a […]

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