So that’s it, the Budget 2012 delivered and what do we know now about the final National Planning Policy Framework that we didn’t before? Well main thing is that it is due to be published next Tuesday. At last some certainty over that at least!

The statement also says that the NPPF will be “coming into force for plan-making and decisions from that point (i.e. publication) onwards, with appropriate implementation arrangements for local authorities with pro-growth policies in local plans.” Got that? I think it means it will come into effect immediately. And that the talked-about transitional arrangement have been ditched. I wonder how many appeal hearings and inquiries are scheduled for next Tuesday?

And what did he say about the content? Well firstly he described it as “new growth-friendly planning rules”. The “powerful” presumption in favour of sustainable development will of course be retained. Obviously he didn’t give us the full definition of sustainable development which will be critical to the application of the presumption. Look forward to reading that on Tuesday. And indeed the rest of it because pretty much that is all we were given today. We know it will be growth oriented but a developer’s charter? They should be so lucky.

NPPF – see you next Tuesday.