Bournemouth town centre design guide planning consultants BournemouthBournemouth Borough Council: Another 70 pages of planning guidance – just what we all need? Well Bournemouth Borough Council are currently consulting on a new Supplementary Planning Guidance entitled “Bournemouth Town Centre Development Design Guide” which is indeed that long. The document is subtitled “Celebrating & strengthening local distinctiveness” and the contents page is accompanied by the celebratory image on the left. Inspiring stuff.

Luckily the document is not 70 pages of dry text and soon descends into pages of photographs with either little green ticks or red crosses in the corners – to denote things which the Council officers like and those which they don’t.

Is this stuff any use to anyone, or just a complete waste of time? I couldn’t possibly comment. If you want to comment though you only have until Monday 08 December. Full details can be found here.