Borough of Poole: Following examination by the Planning Inspectorate the Borough of Poole have now published their latest Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) draft charging schedule which they propose to replace their current schedule.

Community Infrastructure Levy is a locally set charge which can be applied to development to help fund infrastructure required to accommodate growth in Poole. It is applied as a £ per square metre rate on net additional floor space.

For residential development, the Borough has been spilt into four zones (as per the adjacent map) with the following levy proposed to be charged:

  • Zone A (red) – North Poole, Lilliput/Branksome Park, Sandbanks and Canford Cliffs @ £200 per sqm
  • Zone B (i) (yellow) – Poole town centre – excluding Twin Sails Regeneration Area @ £60 per sqm
  • Zone B (ii) (brown) – Poole Twin Sails Regeneration Area @ Nil
  • Zone C (pink) – rest of Poole @ £100 per sqm

For residential retirement housing (within Use Class C3) and assisted living housing (within Use Class C2) a levy of £100 per sqm will be charged for development within Zone A (nil elsewhere).

For retail development (Use Class A1), £200 per sqm will be charged in all parts of the borough outside of the designated Poole town centre, district centres, local centres and neighbourhood centres (nil within these areas).

The key points to note regarding changes to the current charges are the increase in the top rate areas (particularly placing the north Poole area including Broadstone, Merley and Bearwood in the higher rate), a reduction in Poole town centre and modest increase everywhere else. The proposed retirement and retail tariffs are new.

Full details can be found here –

Once adopted the Council will begin charging on developments which gain planning permission on or after the new levy takes effect. Public consultation on the draft charging schedule until 1st October 2019 and then a hearing is scheduled to take place on 11th October 2018 with the Planning Inspectorate. Whilst an adoption date has not set, we expect the new levy to be adopted in January 2019 (but could potentially be before then in late 2018). Whilst this unlikely to affect live applications, it could potentially affect appeals recently or about to be lodged or other proposals in the pipeline.

If you have any queries about how any of this affects you why not give us a call on 01202 585524 or send us an email to and we would be delighted to assist you.