Basingstoke’s Planning and Infrastructure Overview and Scrutiny Committee in action back in June

Now that London 2012 is all over, suddenly there just doesn’t seem enough excitement in this world does there? Well fear not because tonight you can watch live from the luxury of your own sofa the next sensational meeting of the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council Planning and Infrastructure Overview and Scrutiny Committee! The meeting which begins at 6.30pm will be to discuss the updated policies of the Draft Local Plan and the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).

And if you can’t make it tonight why not tune in next Tuesday for the sequel when the same committee will discuss the housing requirement for the Local Plan (i.e. how many houses they plan to build in the Borough each year).

If you recall Basingstoke’s progress on the  Core Strategy (as they then still called it) was halted by the successful “Manydown” legal challenge. The Council now has to revisit its greenfield allocations on the basis of the Manydown land being available for development and these discussions are the first step in doing just that.

Why are they streaming the meetings live online? In the spirit of open Government? To avoid the possibility of future legal challenges? Because they have a new IT manager with some fancy new toy? Who cares – just sit back and enjoy the show!


Oh yes, if you really must the link is here.