Borough of Poole: Darryl Howells has secured full planning  the erection of a pair of semi-detached three-bedroom houses laid over three floors following the removal of a side extension to an existing house in Upton Way, Broadstone. Under the Darryl’s guidance, the scheme drawn by DOT architecture was designed to appear as a large detached dwelling as this was a strong characteristic of Upton Way. The planning application was submitted, it was considered by the planning officer and taken to Planning Committee with the officer’s support.

Darryl undertook a positive and confident deputation to the Committee Members highlighting the merits of the scheme, and advising them that whilst the entire street comprised detached houses, a scheme of a pair of semi-detached houses was not evidence of material harm, and by designing the pair of semi-detached houses to appear as a single dwelling, was a creative and imaginative solution to increase housing numbers whilst safeguarding the character of the street scene. Members fully agreed with Darryl’s interpretation of planning policy and unanimously supported the scheme.

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