East Hampshire District Council: Dan Wilden, Director of Pure Town Planning has secured a consent to vary a condition attached to a planning consent for a vehicle workshop unit in Liphook, Hampshire.

For our client it was a tricky scenario. They were about to complete on the purchase of a large vehicle workshop to enable them to launch a new business when at the very last minute the lawyers spotted a condition attached to the planning consent for the premises. The condition effectively made the permission personal to the previous owners and operators of the workshop – thus they could not lawfully use the premises themselves.

Our clients contacted Pure Town Planning for assistance and we were able to react almost immediately to submit the application without delay. Whilst we pushed the Council for an early decision, in the end it came in two days ahead of the standard eight week target date. In the current situation at local government that is actually not bad going! Anyway our client is now able to launch the business with the potential delay minimised.

Planning conditions attached to old planning permissions can often be a headache years down the line. If you are looking for advice on the implications of an old permission why not get in touch with one of Pure Town Planning’s expert consultants.