Brighton & Hove City Council:  Pure Town Planning are pleased to announce the grant of planning permission for the change of use from retail kiosk (Use Class E) to a hot food takeaway (Sui Generis Use Class) with installation of a flue, on a site at Brighton Marina Village.  The plans were drawn by Bernard Harding of BH Architecture Limited, based in Waterlooville, Hampshire.

The existing kiosk is positioned in a prominent position above street level on an elevate promenade but if visible from the roadside.  Prior to this application being granted, the authorised use was restricted to selling ice-creams, sweets and some hot food products such as hot-dogs or toasted sandwiches.  The client considered this level of offering was seasonal so throughout most of the year the business remained closed, and therefore not generating any income.

Therefore one of our consultants was approached and instructed to change the use of the building to a hot food takeaway, which could operate throughout the year as foot fall passed the unit often occurred and given the proximity to nearby residential units nearby, custom could be generated daily. Pure Town Planning wrote a bespoke planning statement explaining the merits of the proposed change of use, and the positive effect it would have to the economy over the authorised use, and minimal impact to the street scene/ amenities of neighbours.  The planning officer accepted the commentary, but prior to approving the scheme sought a minor alteration to the height of the flue which was accommodated with ease by the architect.

If you have an under-utilised commercial unit and you want to maximise its revenue, then please contact one of our planning consultants to ascertain how we can change its use to one of greater productive in terms of product, but also income.