New Forest National Park Authority:  Pure Town Plannning has secured planning permission for the erection of a large detached outbuilding to accommodate double garage and garden store on the ground floor, with an office, gymnasium and ancillary store at first floor. The plans were prepared by Barry J Mills Limited, however the client instructed Pure Town Planning to submit the planning application with the necessary arguments to secure a positive outcome.  

The principle argument that Pure Town Planning put forward was that existing extensions to the main cottage have utilised 26% of the allowable 30% floorspace increase imposed by Local Plan Policy DP36. However, since the building in question will remain detached from the main house and does not include any habitable accommodation, any additional floorspace will not need to be included within any floorspace calculations. Its continued detached nature and use could be secured by condition. This argument prevailed along with the arguments regarding the design, materials and light pollution controls.

Achieving development in the New Forest National Park is always a challenge due to its restrictive planning policies, if you need someone with experience in this area then please contact Pure Town Planning.