Planning permission Long Ditton SurreyElmbridge Borough Council: Pure Town Planning have recently secured planning permission for substantial  two storey extensions and a total remodel which will dramatically transform an existing house in  Long Ditton in Surrey.  The proposal converted the existing  ageing chalet home into a large, contemporary 6-bedroom family house with multiple living spaces, office and expansive external terrace areas.

The bespoke design was prepared by architect; Tony Holt Design who tailored the scale, layout and appearance of the scheme to fit with the context of the site whilst achieving the high level of floor space set out in the client’s brief. Whilst the resultant property was unashamedly larger than the existing house on the site, because of constant contact with the planning officer at Elmbridge Borough Council we were able to quickly convince the planners that the proposal was not only acceptable, but a vast improvement on the existing arrangement. In spite of this, due to the topography of the site and the proximity to neighbouring houses, the application was brought before the Elmbridge Sub-Committee following neighbours’ objections.

However, a great result was achieved when the Sub-Committee members of Elmbridge Borough Council reviewed the proposal and subsequently gave their support to the planning officer’s recommendation to approve the scheme. As such, the applicant secured  the extensive house remodel they desperately needed and Elmbridge Borough Council were fully satisfied that the high calibre design safeguarded against any potential impacts of the proposal upon the neighbouring residents of Ditton Grange Drive.

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