Borough of Poole: Pure Town Planning are delighted to announce that we have recently secured planning permission for the demolition of an existing dilapidated house and the erection of 2 detached family dwellings (circa 2500 sqft) in the desirable area of Lilliput near Sandbanks.

This scheme was designed by Anders Roberts Cheer architects and was heavily influenced by the numerous protected trees on the site. During the planning process following regular liaison with the planning officer it was clear that from a purely planning point of view the scheme was deemed acceptable. But there was a stumbling block – trees. The Council’s tree officer did not agree with the categorisation of trees provided by our tree consultant. This issue resulted in a recommendation to refuse when it went to planning committee in December 2016. The members of the Planning board were torn and decided to defer the application to see if we could address the tree issues which were holding back the delivery of the scheme. Following the committee, we liaised with the tree officers, planning officer and our new tree consultant – Andy Ludington of Treecall and amended the plans to address the points raised by Members of the Planning Committee. On the original scheme 15 trees were shown to be removed, with some amendments we are able to get to a position where only 3 were to be lost. In addition we offered three replacement trees as mitigation. However the tree officer was still not in support.

Previously the tree officer raised strong objections to the loss of trees. Then on the second committee last month, the tree officer raised new concerns that because we are keeping the trees in the rear it creates an unsustainable tree-to-building relationship with the new properties, even though we had gone to great lengths to re-orientate this dwelling and re-locate the terrace to ensure it was not looking into a canopy. We made the argument to the planning board that any future owner of this house would be very aware of its secluded setting around trees and that this factor could well be a reason why they would choose to buy the house.

At the second committee last month, the members of the planning board sided with our view, agreeing that the replacement trees which were more visible from the street would adequately mitigate against a couple of trees lost in the centre of the site. They noted that site was a very large plot in the heart of Lilliput, close to a local school, shops and services and that this scheme provided the opportunity to deliver 2 family houses which are very much in demand in this location.

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