Image courtesy of Anders Roberts Cheer
Image courtesy of Anders Roberts Cheer

New Forest District Council: Pure Town Planning are very pleased to have secured planning permission for a great scheme of two detached dwellings on a difficult site in Lymington in Hampshire for a developer client.

The site, located on the main approach to the town from the southwest, is currently occupied by an old run-down lodge house. One of the key issues with the site was that it previously had a belt of mature trees along the road frontage linking up with similar trees on land to the north and south to create a fine verdant character to the road. At some point, before our client’s involvement, the site had been completely stripped of its trees leaving the existing dwelling exposed in a “hole” in the green strip. To be fair though the trees were not protected (bit of an oversight by New Forest District Council it would seem) so the removal was perfectly legal.

Two previous applications had been refused by the Council on grounds of the impact on the character of the area. It was clear to us that we needed to push the dwellings back into the site and slim the access driveway in order to show a decent width of landscaping to the frontage which in time will allow mature trees to grow up once again.

Lymington two detached existing planning consultant bournemouth
The site as it is now

Negotiating the potential affordable housing contribution liability of £90,000 down to zero meant the application had to be decided by the Council’s Planning Committee. The members resolved to grant planning permission for the scheme which was designed by Anders Roberts Cheer.

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