Flambard Road Poole planning consultant Dorset
Image courtesy of Union Architecture

Borough of Poole: Pure Town Planning were pleased to recently secure planning permission for the demolition of an existing dilapidated house and the erection of two contemporary detached family dwellings in Flambard Road, set between Penn Hill and Parkstone Golf Club.

Pure Town Planning were instructed earlier this year to submit a pre-application proposal to the LPA which received a positive response from the Planning Officer. However the success or failure of the application would come down to how the design would prevent any potential overlooking or amenity impacts, to not only the proposed dwellings but also the neighbouring plot, which has an extant approval for a two unit redevelopment. The proposed development would radically transform this section of Flambard Road and create a pair of 4-bed, three-storey modern houses in place of the ageing 1960’s dwelling which contributed little to the character of the area. As such, this was seen to be an ideal opportunity to provide a pair of spacious modern dwellings with ground floor cinema space a swell as 2nd floor open plan living space providing panoramic views from its elevated position. Due to the irregular shaped plot, great care and attention to detail had to be exercised in order to assimilate the proposal into the emerging Flambard Road streetscene, especially considering the approval for two units on the neighbouring plot.

Following a number of local objections during the publicity period, a number of meetings and discussions took place between ourselves, the architect and the LPA in order to confirm the acceptability of the proposal on all grounds and to satisfy the concerns of the neighbouring parties. Subsequently, following substantial consultation with the Planning Officer, it was finally agreed that all the issues and concerns had been fully dealt with and the LPA could fully support the proposal which would greatly improve the character and appearance of Flambard Road and would contribute far more to the wider area than the existing dwelling in its ever deteriorating state. In light of this, the LPA determined that in conjunction with the previous approval on the neighbouring plot, the current application would help to breathe new life into this area. Obviously the news of the successful determination was welcomed by all parties involved, following a rigorous consultation and negotiation process.

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