Tandridge District Council: Matt Annen, Director of Pure Town Planning is pleased to have just received two prior approvals in respect of two Class PA Prior Approvals (change of use of Light Industrial/Workshop B1(c) to residential C3 use) within the Green Belt area of South Godstone, Surrey. The approved scheme delivers a conversion of three separate buildings into two detached dwellings (one two-bedroom, one three-bedroom) and a pair of semi-detached three bedroom dwellings.

The current use of the site is light industrial Class B1(c). The client approached Pure Town Planning looking for a planning strategy to unlock the development potential of the site. Matt deemed that given the history and the established uses, this site was a prime candidate for a Prior Approval Scheme. The plans were prepared by local firm (to us) Nabney Plans.

We were under a tight deadline to get these consents through on time as the permitted development right is due to expire. Under the regulations it statesPA.1 Development is not permitted by Class PA if- …. the prior approval date falls on or after 1st October 2020″. So given that this prior approval right expires tomorrow we pushed these consents through at the end of last week with only a week to spare!

There are still other permitted development prior approval routes such as Use Class B1(a) offices or agricultural to residential use why not speak to Pure Town Planning about the possibility of the permitted development change of use to residential for your commercial premises?