BCP Council (Poole area): Neil McKeon has recently secured planning permission for a pair of semi-detached houses to the rear of Little Croft Road in Parkstone. The scheme was designed by Marlow Architects for mutual client Nylo Homes.

The proposal sees the demolition of garages to the rear of Sea View Road and Littlecroft Road, erection of two storey, 2 bedroom houses utilising the existing access drive off Littlecroft Road. To note, the rear garages were privately owned and so there is no parking impact to the existing surrounding properties.

Whilst the application received objections from some neighbouring parties, the LPA confirmed that the principle of residential development was acceptable, with the site located within the sustainable transport corridor. The proposal delivers housing with private amenity space and parking provision to both units. The design was judged to reflect other semi-detached housing in the area, with similarly sized backland development evident elsewhere in the immediate and wider context. As such, the pattern of development and character and appearance of the area was respected. Furthermore, the siting and orientation of the housing ensures against any harmful overlooking to properties on Sea View Road, Croft Road and Little Croft Road – thereby safeguarding the amenity and privacy of existing and future occupants to the LPA’s satisfaction and securing the planning consent for the client.

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