Dorset Council: Matt Annen has successfully secured planning permission to sever a plot and erect two backland bungalows with garages with associated vehicle access. The scheme was designed by architects Anders Roberts Cheer for mutual client Balson Homes.

Despite a Parish Council objection on grounds of; over development, the bulk, scale and
mass of the proposed two properties being too large and the access being deemed to be far too narrow, the appointed planning officer disagreed in her professional assessment of the scheme.

The officer concluded that the more modest size of the plots will not be readily evident within the streetscene as the width of the frontage plot was not significantly smaller than neighbouring dwellings, thereby respecting the rhythm and spacing of dwellings in the road. It was also noted that a number of other plot sub-divisions in the locality had established that smaller plots would not necessarily be out of character and as the proposals would not lead to a loss of neighbouring amenity nor detrimentally impact on highway safety the officer was satisfied that the development complied with all adopted polices.

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