Borough of Poole: Pure Town Planning are pleased to announce that we have recently secured planning permission to demolish the existing dwelling and erect a three storey block of 8 flats adjacent to the Canford Cliffs Village Conservation Area in Poole.

The site has a significant planning history, with planning permissions dating back to 2001 to erect a block of flats. As the previously extant permission was about to expire, the client sought out Pure Town Planning to gain a renewed planning permission on the site.

The Borough of Poole Planning Officer initially had concerns with the parking provision and arrangement, given the revision in Poole’s parking standards since the application was originally submitted. However following minor alterations to the plans, Pure Town Planning were able overcome this and by reason of the weight of the extant permission this application was recommend for approval.

Overall, it was considered that the scheme has economic, environmental and social benefits of delivering residential development in the urban area, that preserves the residential character of the area and character of the Conservation Area.

If you have an extant permission that is about to expire and would like someone to carry out all the meticulous planning work, Pure Town Planning are the people for you. Or if you are interested in a comprehensive redevelopment of your site and are looking for planners to put together a strong submission package in order to give your proposal the best chance of receiving planning permission first time, then why not give us a call or send us an email