BCP Council: Matt Annen, director of Pure Town Planning is delighted to announce that he has recently secured a hard fought planning permission for the demolition of an existing property and the erection of a block of 6 apartments near Bournemouth University for local developers Bourn Homes.

The character of the area comprises a mix of detached dwellings and flatted accommodation. It was evident that flatted development is gradually replacing dwellings on this side of Talbot Woods Road which typically comprises larger 2- 3 storey blocks and so was a good site to pick up by our clients.

Concerns were initially raised regarding the scale of the building and consequently the application was subject to a succession of changes to help ensure an acceptable scheme. These changes resulted in the loss of one unit and changes to the external appearance of the building. Nevertheless the appointed officer was still not comfortable about approving the scheme however realised that it would be difficult to defend his position were this to end up at appeal:

“the agent has declined successive requests to make the footprint smaller and move the front elevation back. It is considered that it would be difficult to substantiate an associated refusal however given the corner position of the site and the forward building line of the more recent flatted scheme on the opposite side of Woods View Road”.

“Concern has been raised regarding parking to the front and rear. However, given the extent of parking included as part of other recent developments and with parking either to the rear or side of buildings not uncommon in the area, it is considered that it would be difficult to substantiate any associated objection”.

As is evident from the above quotes here at Pure Town Planning we are not push overs and we work hard to secure the maximum potential from development sites for our clients. If you are working on a residential development and are looking for a firm to steer your development through the planning process, then why not give us a call or send us an email to info@puretownplanning.co.uk for a FREE confidential planning appraisal.