Dorset Council (former West Dorset District Council area): Here at Pure Town Planning, we like to be the first to test new planning strategies and explore changes in the planning system to give an advantage to our clients.  Darryl Howells, a director of the firm, has secured the company’s (and the Council’s ) first Technical Details Consent for a block of nine flats to be built in Sherborne, Dorset.

The application followed the first Planning Permission in Principle (PPiP) that was reported here.  The Technical Details application essentially secured the additional details such as position, layout, height, appearance, highways, landscaping and outlook for the scheme.

The Technical Details application was quickly approved under the Council’s delegated powers with no additional information sought by the planning officer, as Darryl had provided a comprehensive report detailing the application from the outset. 

For a typical planning application for 9 flats, the LPA would normally impose 10 or more conditions on the decision, but utilising the PPiP route, Darryl was able to secure the consent with only 3 conditions imposed, namely the timescale for implementation, the approved drawing numbers and the materials to be agreed.  Having fewer conditions will prevent the development being delayed so the client can implement and complete his build out far quicker than would usually occur, saving time and money.

Using the PiP process offers a speedily, cost effective and formal alternative to pre-application discussions that often can be delayed, lacking in content/ advice and have no weight in planning law. So if you have land and would be interested to know the what uses could be provided to maximise your returns, the please get in touch with Pure Town Planning.