Bury Road Poole planning consultants BournemouthBorough of Poole: Pure Town Planning have just secured the last in a series of three planning permissions to make improvements at a large house in Bury Road, Poole located within the Branksome Park Conservation Area. The first application involved handling alterations and improvements to the property’s extensive boundary wall fronting Bury Road. A previous application for similar works had been refused by the Borough of Poole for detracting from the character and appearance of the Bury Road street scene. A subsequent appeal was also dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate. Following this, the applicant instructed Pure Town Planning to take the reigns and manage the revised application to improve the boundary wall. Following negotiations with the planning officer, a successful compromise was agreed and the application was approved.

The next step for the applicant was to build a double bay garage to the front of the 2 1/2 storey house. The existing internal garage space was needed to accommodate much needed ground floor space for the applicant’s family. Integral to this application was to ensure the design of the substantial double garage was proportionate to the existing dwelling so as to appear subservient to the main house as well as replicating the style and form of the associated roof to which it attaches. The proposed garage was considered to be respectful of the character and appearance of the area and did not impinge upon the surrounding trees – a significant feature of the site. As such, the planning application was approved in April 2014.

The final and most recent element of the property’s redevelopment involved a detached swimming pool building located in the rear garden of the main dwelling. Following discussions with both the planning and conservation officers on site, it was clear that the officers were concerned in relation to the impact of the single storey pool building on the existing trees along the northern boundary of the rear garden, as well as the distance of the building from the  boundary with the neighbours. In light of these concerns from the Council, further discussions with the architects Williams Lester resulted in a revised pool building in conjunction with a thorough Arboricultural Impact Assessment from Mark Hinsley Arboricultural Consultants, in order to satisfy both the planning and conservation officers. Following further discussions with the council officers, they were content that the swimming pool building could be accommodated on site whilst safeguarding the pattern of development in the Bury Road area, as well as ensuring against any detrimental impact to the existing trees on site.

In summary, through constant contact with the respective planning officers and three successful planning applications later, Pure Town Planning have helped the applicant to achieve their goals set back in February of this year, to transform their property to better suit their needs for the future. If you want to transform your home or are experiencing planning difficulties with conservation area development, we are certainly the planning consultants to carry your vision through the planning system. Contact Matt, Dan or Neil in confidence on 01202 585524 or email us at info@puretownplanning.co.uk for a free no obligation planning consultation.